The University of Manchester has a rich list of highly qualified academics and researchers whose work have an element of water research associated with it. The contact people are spread over the whole University across the different faculties.

Faculty of Science and Engineering

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School of Chemical Engineering & Analytical Sciences (CEAS)

Adisa Azapagic Sustainable development
Roger Davey Crystal chemistry
Peter Martin Nature of flow of two-phase fluids
Krishna Persaud Gas and odour sensing; olfaction; organic conducting polymers

School of Chemistry

Richard Henchman Characterisation of the properties and behaviour of molecular systems
Francis Livens Microbial transformations of radionuclides; mineral surface reactions
Gareth Morris NMR spectroscopy
Sven Schroeder In situ monitoring in microreactors; spectroscopies; Colloid Chemistry
Stephen Yeates Synthesis and characterization of polymers

School of Computer Science

John Brooke Computational grids; developing methodologies for solving computational science and engineering problems

School of Earth & Environmental Science (SEES)

Steve Boult Environmental monitoring
Mike Bowman Basin studies and geosciences
Simon Brocklehurst Tectonic geomorphology; impact of glacial erosion
Ray Burgess Age and origin of diamon; evolution of volatiles in the Earth and Solar system
John Charnock X-ray spectroscopy; electron microprobe
Tom Choularton Cloud microphysics; cloud aerosol interactions
Paul Connolly Cloud physics and aerosols; ice nucleation; numerical modelling; microphysics
Hugh Coe Atmospheric composition and processes
Stephen Covey-Crump Mechanical properties of geological materials
John Gaffney Water quality monitoring
Cathy Hollis Carbonate diagenesis; carbonate pore system analysis; reservoir modeling
Colin Hughes Environmental impact of mines and wellbores; waste management
Mads Huuse Geophysics; seismic interpretation; injectites; fluid flow glacial geology; basin evolution
Merren Jones Sedimentation and tectonics
Jonathan Lloyd Mechanisms of microbial metal reduction
Paul Lythgoe Iron and arsenic speciation in water
Gordon McFiggans Atmospheric composition; clouds & aerosols; marine atmospheric chemistry
Julian Mecklenburgh Physical properties of rocks during deformation; hydraulic fracturing of shales and tight rocks
Neil Mitchell Marine geology and geophysics
Katherine Morris Environmental behaviour of radioactive contaminants
Carl Percival Air pollution and atmospheric chemistry
Jon Pittman Cell and developmental biology
David Polya (Bio)geochemistry of water within the Earth's crust and on the surface
Jonathan Redfern Regional geology; basin analysis; geochemical modelling; sedimentology
Laura Richards Arsenic in asian water sources
Clare Robinson Structure and function of fungal communities in soils and plant litter
Ernie Rutter Experimental and natural rock deformation; hydraulic fracturing of shales and tight rocks
David Schultz Synoptic and mesoscale meteorological phenomena
Kevin Taylor Mudstones; shales; diagenesis; sedimentology
Bart van Dongen Organic geochemistry; isotope geochemistry; fossil biomarkers
Geraint Vaughan Dynamics and remote sensing of the atmosphere
Keith White Understanding and managing the water quality and ecology of urban watercourses
Roy Wogelius Kinetics; surface, aqueous and environmental chemistry; X-ray and particle beam techniques

School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering (EEE)

Bruce Grieve Sensors and ICT associated with agriculture and biotechnology
Krikor Ozanyan Sensors; imaging; signal processing
Simon Rowland Reliability of dielectric materials; polymeric insulation systems; asset management
Trevor York Applications of industrial process tomography

School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering (MACE)

Kevin Anderson Climate science for mitigation and adaptation policy
Andrea Bottacin-Busolin Environmental hydraulics; water engineering; water management
John Broderic Emissions budgets; carbon accounting; climate policy; carbon trading
Julien Harou Water management; water engineering
Gregory Lane-Serff Building; oceanography; paleoceanography; fuild dynamics
Sarah Mander Climate change mitigation; renewable energy; long-term energy scenarios; sustainability
Mirjam Roeder Implications of climate change adaptation and mitigation for food supply chains
Peter Stansby Energy, environment and climate change
Patricia Thornley Technical, economic, environmental and social aspects of bioenergy
Ruth Wood Carbon emission; energy and emissions

School of Materials

Bob Cernik Professor of Synchrotron Radiation and Materials Science, Head of Materials
Sandra Downes Professor of Biomaterials. Interest in regenerative medicine
Peter Lovell Professor of Polymer Science

Faculty of Humanities

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Alliance Manchester Business School (Alliance MBS)

Faith Hatani National innovation systems, and their impacts on economic development in less developed countries
Jean Shaoul Public policy decisions
Colin Talbot 'Performance regimes' - the complex context of performance 'steering' in public services and how public services delivery bodies cope with competing demands
Duncan Thomas Water research, technology and innovation policies; water privatisation impacts on R&D; innovation strategies and sustainable development
Dale Whittington Innovation, management and policy

School of Environment, Education & Development (SEED)

Timothy Allott Palaeolimnology; water quality change; the dynamics of peatlands
Clive Agnew Climatology; hydrology; peatlands; drylands
Alison Browne Water; climate change adaptation; everyday practice and sustainable consumption
Martin Evans Geomorphology and hydrology of upland landscapes
Claire Goulsbra Hydrological connectivity; upland hydrology; fluvial geomorphology; environmental monitoring; peatland carbon flux
John Handley Landscape dynamics; development of adaptation strategies for climate change impacts
Angela Harris Remote sensing for monitoring the impact of environmental change on vegetation communities
Julia Mcmorrow Remote sensing; wildfire; peatlands; upland vegetation; restoration ecology; ecosystem services; knowledge exchange
James Rothwell Catchment hydrochemistry; water quality modelling; environmental archives of pollution
Erik Swyngedouw Professor of geography. Water; politics; economics; ecology; urbanization
Phil Woodhouse Environmental management

School of Social Sciences (SSS)

Daniel Rigby Economy, agriculture and the environment; pathogen, risk and health
Noel Russell Sustainable farming; environment and agricultural development
Patricia Scully Sensors and instrumentation
Ada Wossink Environmental policy; ecosystem services; sustainable food consumption; environmental efficiency

Faculty of Biology, Health & Medicine

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School of Biological Sciences

Jordi Bella Structure function studies of cell matrix and adhesion proteins

Support Services

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Research & Business Engagement Support Services

Mark Godber Knowledge Transfer Manager
Caroline Stanton Knowledge Transfer Manager

Business Analyst

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Matt Walker Business Analyst